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Welcome to EducAid™

We present to you our state-of-the-art, innovative, highly interactive and acutely intuitive online education platform that has won awards for its technical prowess. It delivers an educational experience that's par excellence but let's come back to this in a while.

In addition to its instructional power, EducAid™ can do some amazing administrative jobs for you related to your education, for which you may be used to commuting to the campus and waiting in endless queues. Choose or change a course, change your major, transfer credits, apply for financial services, and do a lot more with mere clicks using EducAid™.

Keep Full Track of
Your Program with Click-Ease

With EducAid™, you will be able to keep complete track of your program with ultimate ease. With your progress presented graphically, you can see clearly where in your education you currently are and how you would like to take it forward. As all of our programs are self-paced, you can easily plan your progress while still living your live to its fullest. In case you're unable to follow your own course progress plan, you can easily edit it as per your convenience.

Your course progress planner helps you maintain work-life-education balance. While still fulfilling your personal and professional commitments, you can manage to progress in your education quite easily. Plan your courses the way your life allows and never lose track of your education with EducAid™.

Traveling? Commuting? Always on the move?
Carry your education with you.

Wherever you go, take your EducAid™ with you in your pocket. As the platform is compatible to most mobile devices and gadgets you use, your education is always with you, enabling you to study while on the go. Nearly all instructional tools that you view and use on the desktop version of EducAid™ is available to you the mobile version. Lectures, notes, ability to interact with classmates and teachers - all can be done using EducAid™ on your mobile device.

As our technical teams are continually working on making the platform even more innovative than it already is, we'll be rolling out quarterly upgrades to the system that will make your educational experience even more exhilarating and worthwhile.

Your Education is At Your
Fingertips. Literally!

EducAid™ brings your entire program and all related administrative functions to your fingertips. As soon as you access your classroom, everything that your program constitutes is right there on your computer / mobile screen, just a click away. Video lectures, live instruction from the teacher, audio notes and downloadable PDF lectures are all available in your classroom.

You program and course is broken is weekly, monthly and quarterly patterns. You can learn live as the class progresses, as well as revisit the previous classes with ease through archives. You can also submit your assignments straight from your classroom. Assessments too are performed from your EducAid™ classroom.

Interaction With Teachers and Fellow Students
was Never Easier

One of the key features of our educational platform is its interactivity. It allows students to interact with course instructors and vice versa. Students can also get in touch with classmates and discuss topics. Chats can be one-to-one or group, and the forum is the place where students share thoughts related to their shared assignments.

This high interactivity makes transparent peer assessment possible. When submitted, assignments can be viewed by the entire class as well as the course instructor. Every submitted work is assessed comprehensively on the same platform before it is accepted and credits are granted against it.

Instructors Use EducAid™
to Design & Deliver Lectures

As the platform helps students learn, it also helps instructors teach. Course instructors are able to create programs and courses using EducAid™. The entire procedure of course designing is made extremely simple by the platform, enabling teachers to create and regularly upgrade courses with just a few clicks.

EducAid™ allows course instructors to record video lecture, edit it, and upload it to any class they want. Likewise, they can create lessons in other forms and upload them to their classroom with ease. Live lectures can also be delivered using the platform's built-in video conferencing feature.

Talk with an advisor Toll Free on 1-844-403-6080, or Chat Live, or Download Programs Brochure to get the answers of any questions you may have.

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