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Doctoral Degree Programs

Grant Town University's school of business offers doctoral degree programs. Students can pursue their doctoral degree program. An Online Doctoral Degree is the highest level of academic qualification.

Grant Town University's doctoral degree programs are designed for working adults and professionals, interested in obtaining high level of education and expertise in a particular domain. Earning a doctoral program, adds credibility to your academic profile as well as makes a positive impact in your professional circle.

DBA - Doctor of Business Administration
PhD - Doctor of Philosophy


Minimum to Graduate: 62 credit hours beyond masters required for graduation. Students may transfer up to 30 credit hours of completed doctoral course work equivalent to those listed in GTU approved curriculum and complete the degree program by matriculating with an additional 32 semester hours completed.

Grading and Student Access: The basic minimal guidelines for doctoral student grades are based on student attendance online; accumulated quiz scores; participation in discussions in class forums; and cooperative research with other students and satisfactory grade on comprehensive doctoral exams after the first six course (18) accumulated hours. A successful passing grade admits doctoral student to Candidate status after a successful Comprehensive. Grades are required to be released to students in good standing within 14 days of completion of term. Project Demonstrating Excellence reviews are at discretion of the doctoral lead faculty but no more than 21 days from student submission for review. Papers, lessons, quiz, and test results, leading up to mid-term and final are returned within seven days of submission by course instructors

Candidates are required to maintain a “B” average throughout their program. At the end of the course work the Candidate must pass a comprehensive final exam. The grade will be either Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory. Success permits the student to move for the completion of their Project demonstrating excellence and the successful defense of it. Once completed and acceptable to the students doctoral committee they will be passed to graduation and award of the DBA.

PhD - DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (a research degree):

Interdisciplinary Studies
Minimum Credit Hours to Graduate: - 75 Credit hours beyond the Master's Grading and Student Access: Doctoral Committee reviews for completed student work must be available within 21 days of completion by the student.

Colloquium (6 Credits)
A seven day on campus seminar of new doctoral students to determine the design and methodology of their individual degree programs. Successful completion of the Colloquium earns the student 10 hours of doctoral credit and acceptance by the university as a doctoral candidate. The colloquium is an intensive eight hour per day scholarly pursuit to prepare the student for doctoral research, rigor, and study.

Forming the Doctoral Committee (0 Credits)
Upon completion the residence Colloquium held at the university's Sacramento campus, the student will form their doctoral committee consisting of at least one student from their colloquium, two experts in their proposed field of study and research, a doctoral chair selected by the university, and a doctoral reader selected by the Chair of the doctoral committee. At the first meeting of the committee, the university selected Chair of the committee will review with the candidate the proposed course of study including but limited to the methodology the student will undertake to complete all of the requirements as well as receive approval or denial of courses the student has designed for furthering their research.

Candidate Courses and Research Development (21 Credits )
Courses Designed by Candidate - Minimum seven 3 hour courses. Candidate writes course curriculum and informs course with appropriate literature and research to create and develop doctoral course plan. Once accepted as a candidate the Doctoral student; will present their course of scholarship and research to their Doctoral Committee for approval. The student will be asked to formulate their doctoral coursework to sustain their field of selection that may come from an area of interdisciplinary studies selected by the student and approved by the Committee. At a minimum this will include 7 three hour doctoral level credit courses specifically designed for their chosen field of study either directly and point specific or indirectly through supportive disciplines that will inform the Candidates chosen field of o study and research.`

Doctoral Level Research Methodology (3 Credits)
Examines, tests, and applies Quantitative, Qualitative and Heuristic research in depth and to determine the proper methodology to be applied to the Candidates Research question.

Internship: (10 Credits)
Students select an Internship compatible with their doctoral research that is acceptable to their Committee to put developing expertise to work. 600 hours.

Seminars and Peer Days (10 Credits)
The student will be required to take and engage in at least five seminars worthy of 2 credit hours each and based on at least 60 hours of seminar contact. The seminars are at the student's own expense regarding housing and personal expenses but will be provided discount hotel opportunities through the university. The student will also engage in collective peer days with at least two other doctoral students enrolled in the GTU PhD program in order to study interdisciplinary areas that may be of interest to the student participants beyond the Master's degree.

Literature Review (6 Credits)
A review of all pertinent documents and scholarly works that inform and support the conclusions of the Candidates research.

Dissertation (12 Credits)
A scholarly work worthy of recognition by a candidate's peers and experts as determined by the Candidates Committee.

Transfer Credit
Students may transfer up to 20 hours of acceptable doctoral credit completed previously by the student and within 10 years of application but only after the student has completed the GTU Colloquium and successful advance to GTU doctoral candidate status. All credits must come from accredited universities and support the student's current doctoral pursuits.

The GTU Doctoral Degree course seeks to:
  • Develop Exceptional Research and Analytical Skills.
  • Develop Expertise that are Essential for Successful Career in the Long Run.
  • Create Top-Notch professionals, equipped with most up-to-date knowledge of their respective field.
  • Facilitate doctoral students to understand the demands of profesisonal world and help them match the standards of the competitve job market.
  • Develop doctoral students to implement their classroom knowledge on job perfectly in their field.

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